Managing Notifications

General Notifications 

Before you explore networking opportunities, please make sure to personalize your notifications.

Click on " My Schedule" to view your options 

  • Time Zone (only available for virtual events)
  • Notifications (only available for structured meetings)
  • Sync Calendar (only available for structured meetings)

Time Zone  

  • Click "Edit" 
  • Select your preferred timezone

*All meetings (and agenda sessions) are based on your preferred timezone Notifications - to receive timely reminders on your upcoming meetings 

  • Click the  "Edit" button on Notifications to select your preferred method.

  • Click on  SMS - Enter Country Code and Mobile number 
  • Click  Save 

**By default, the Virtual Contact Card will only display your registered email address. To include your mobile number, please follow the steps above

Sync Calendar 

To ensure you do not miss any meetings, please sync your confirmed appointments to your preferred calendar 

  • Click the "Edit" button on Sync Calendar
  • Click on Google, Outlook, or Directly download to your mobile device. 
  • Click "Save"

**Once synced, any changes to your schedule will be automatically updated.

Facebook Notifications

You can receive notifications to your Facebook account. To set up:

1. Go to My Schedule

2. Click Edit on the notification section 

3. Choose Facebook Messenger

4. You will receive an automatic message when you are successfully connected.

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