Exhibitor Scan Guide

This guide is intended for exhibitors and provides instructions on how to utilize the scan feature available on our platform.

A scan feature is a valuable tool that can help exhibitors efficiently and effectively capture leads and collect important information about their prospects during the event. 

Below are some reasons why Scan is important for exhibitors:

  1. Most of the exhibitors (72%*) said that lead scanning is their number one reason for attending exhibitions
  2. Allows exhibitors to easily validate their ROI in an event
  3. Encourages lead generation for more fruitful event participation among all stakeholders involved, making sure that anyone can come out of the event feeling inspired and well-connected

Easily scan the visitor's digital badge with the following simple steps:

  1. Log in to the event mobile app.
  2. Click the Scan button on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Scan your visitor's digital badge.
  4. Add details to the leads.
    1. Choose the scoring (Cold, Warm, or Hot) 
    2. Update your scanned leads’ interest
    3. Select and/or deselect the product interest 
    4. Search available interest items by name/title
    5. Add quick notes about the scanned lead and make necessary adjustments (if required) later.

  • Lead Scoring Definitions (Internal understanding)
    • Super Scan (Hot):
      • Having BOTH:
        • The target person is inside scanner recommendation list
        • The target person has product handshake interest towards one of our company’s products
    • Warm:
      • Having either one of the condition above
    • Cold:
      • Having neither of the above

To delete the leads, drag the card to the right and tap "Delete".

To export the leads, click the Export button and the leads report will be sent to your email.

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