Stream your Webinar Session

Our webinar streaming feature allows you to easily access informative and engaging content from industry experts, and participate in real-time discussions with like-minded professionals from around the world.

Streaming your session

To stream the sessions on our engagement hub platform, please follow the steps below:

  • Toggle to the "Agenda" tab
  • You may either find your session by entering the keywords and date, filter the sessions using the drop-down options or view all sessions to find them manually
  • Click on the Video button to access the media content

You can simply go to the next session within the same track by clicking on NEXT at the top.

You will also be given an agenda session recommendation

Engage during the session

Our platform is built to create the most interactive virtual experience so you can also engage with the speakers live via:

  • Polling
  • Link to the Presentation Slides
  • QnA
  • Rate Session/Speaker

To use these engagement features go to the session, then click the link button provided in the session.


When you are watching or streaming a session, you can make it a picture-in-picture that will allow you to go to another menu. Click Minimise Session above the streaming player, the session will be minimized on the bottom right side.

Please note that you can only watch one (1) session at a time.

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