How to request meeting/interview?

By sending meeting or interview requests, attendees can proactively reach out to other participants who they believe can offer valuable business connections or opportunities. 

To send a meeting or an interview: 

  1. Go to the Meet menu on the left side and click on Search and then People
  2. When you find any people of interest, click on the Meet button
  3. Choose any format of the meeting (if any) that best suits you
  4. Enter an optional message to the other party 
  5. Click "Send meeting request" to confirm your arrangement

Note: If your colleague(s) has scheduled a meeting with the same person, you will be able to attend the same confirmed meeting. This is achieved by sharing the Meeting URL.

Note: All meeting requests require a mutual confirmation from the other party and they will be reminded on a timely basis (depending on their email frequency), about your requests to them. This means that you should send out your requests early to facilitate time for the attendee to respond to your request.

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