Identifying Sponsored Companies and Profiles

An event can have up to 5 categories of sponsorship to enhance the results of the participating companies. Such as the three commonly used categories Gold, Silver, and Bronze, where Gold has the highest priority, followed by Silver and finally Bronze.

Some companies attending the event may have purchased the option to have sponsored profiles. This means that the profiles of these Companies, as well as People and Products under these companies, will have priority visibility in the different lists that the platform has (Companies, People, and Products).

Please note that:

- Sponsored profiles (whether Companies, Products or People) are shown organized according to the sponsorship categories defined for the event (e.g. Participating company A opted for the Gold category and company B opted for the Silver category, thus, the list of companies will show A first and B second).

- In the case of People profiles, the listing will show up to four prioritized profiles on the first results page. The priority order of those four profiles will be based on the defined sponsorship categories. After the prioritized profiles by category, the listing will display relevant profiles according to keywords.

- When doing a specific search, the result will be based on relevance (keywords), regardless of whether they are sponsored profiles or not.

To identify which companies have opted for this benefit, you only need to check the color that borders the profile card and in the upper right corner of the card (individual or company), the sponsorship category and the corresponding color. Sample images below.

Company Profile:

Personal Profile and Products:

It is important to note that companies that do not opt for sponsorship are marked in the upper right corner of their profile cards with the name of the group to which they belong (e.g. delegates, buyers) and not with the name of a sponsorship category. Additionally, the profile card does not have a colored border. In the following example image only the profile with the red border, category Bronze, is sponsored.

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