How to post job openings?

Finding the right talent for your organization is crucial for its growth and success. To attract qualified candidates, it's essential to post your job openings in a clear and compelling manner.

To upload your job openings, click on the top right-hand corner, then click on My Job Openings.

1. To add new job openings, click Add Job Opening

2. Insert the details (Job Name, Job Description). Note: max characters for Job Description: 1000

3. Insert the attributes you want to tag for the job opening if any

4. Insert the image/video

1.Image, select Image then upload an image. Note: Image max size: 1 MB

2.Video, select Embed video or iframe content then paste the video link

1.Video on Youtube, go to share > embed > copy the code and paste it e.g. <iframe src=""></iframe>

3. Slideshow presentation on SlideShare, go to share > copy the embed code and paste it.

Click Save once the above has been complete.

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